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klavahole's Journal

The Klava Hole
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Welcome to the Klava Hole.


A community devoted to the discussion of Dragaera and its environs, a universe created by the books of Steven Brust.


The level of depth, complexity, and humanity of Steven Brust's books open themselves up to a great deal of discussion, questions, and debate. This community is designed as a forum to:

a) offer opinions and reviews of the books themselves
b) discuss or raise questions about the content, i.e. the characters or the Dragaeran universe
c) talk about Steven Brust as a person outside of his books, such as [what he blogs about].

If you're interested, the first community post goes into more detail about the motivation behind this community's creation and its general philosophy.


1. General respect etiquette rules apply. It's a klava hole, not a tavern. I, the maintainer, will do my best to keep a friendly, open atmosphere, and i reserve the right to send posts to the Halls of Judgement if necessary.

2. Plot spoilers should be given fair warning and put behind an lj-cut.

3. If you're new, feel free to introduce yourself!


- [The official Steven Brust Site] where he also keeps his [blog].
- [Cracks and Shards], a comprehensive guide to Dragaera and a dissertation-sized section on some inconsistencies. Recommended by Mr. Brust himself.
- [Dragaera Info], the central hub of the dragaeran mailing list, perused by Steven Brust and run in part by Steven and Corwin Brust.

This community is maintained by lifeofmendel.