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The third book I've read recently is Dzur, the eleventh Vlad Taltos book by Steven Brust. Like the rest, I loved this book. It was hilarious, intriguing, action packed, and left questions to be answered in later books. But then again, all his books can be described that way.

After the great events of the last book, Vlad returns to the city to get a bight to eat. He's approached by a figure we've heard of but never met, in these books, anyway, about a problem involving his wife. He heads into the Easterners quarter to find out what's going on and to work to fix it. Then things get difficult.

This book contains wonderful descriptions of food, and gives us a more detailed look at the Left Hand of Jhereg, and well as the House Dzur. It is a fun, quick read, that doesn't lack in quality or substance. Steven Brust once more pulls off an excellent book.

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